Targeted detection SYSTEM of fuel filter health
Why use the DigiVac Fail-Safe
  • This system increases operating safety margins by giving more time to make better decisions about the vessel
  • Clogged fuel filters are responsible for entirely too many engine failures, and they are NOW AVOIDABLE with the DigiVac Model 500 Fail-Safe FILTER ALERT System
  • With information that engines are about to fail, action can be taken to avoid a dangerous engine failure in a crowded seaway during deteriorating weather
  • The sensor combined with the visual feedback presented by the display allows the operator to see gradual degradation of the filter and thus leaves plenty of time for corrective maintenance
DigiVac Model 500 and 501 FUEL FILTER ALERT (patent pending)

How does the The DigiVac Fail-Safe FILTER ALERT System Work?

The DigiVac Fail-Safe FILTER ALERT System works on the principal of maintaining fuel flow. As the filter does its job and collects contaminants, the filter flow is reduced. As the flow is reduced, the lift pump has to work harder to pull fuel to the engine. There is a point where the filter is too clogged to support the flow necessary for the running of the engine. When there is not enough fuel flow, the engine stops.
Unfortunately, a filter is very likely to clog in precisely the kind of situation when you need a reliable running engine the most. When rough seas toss the boat, they also mix-up the contents of the fuel tank, and more contaminants are likely to find their way to the fuel filter.

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