Now a Fail-Safe Fuel Filter Alert System that offers Safety and Ease Of Use.

Never Be Left Stranded Again...

What could happen when your fuel filter becomes clogged, in rough seas.

The Fail-Safe Filter Alert Could Prevent a Catastrophe from happening.

Diesel fuel filters on boats have a tendency to clog more quickly than usual in rough seas. If this happens in a crowded waterway, or a narrow channel, not only can it lead to costly damage to the vessel but also create a safety hazard for everyone around. Using this system is a way to avoid this common cause of engine failure.
The DigiVac Fail-Safe
  • A quantum leap forward in marine safety
  • Revolutionary breakthrough approach to avoiding engine failure due to clogged fuel filters
  • Character display combined with red, yellow and green descriptive lights and a loud alarm that clearly indicates to an operator the filter condition without having to go into the engine room
  • Waterproof robust double walled hermetically sealed stainless steel sensor